No 91 Bach – Reflections in Jazz

Sat 21st June 2014 22:30 pm
Mediencampus Villa Ida

Leszek Możdżer (piano)

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Ticket price: € 16,00
reduced: € 12,00

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Leszek Możdżer follows in the tradition of the great piano virtuosos for whom the art of improvisation is an indispensable part of musical practice. As a jazz musician this internationally successful pianist enjoys the cult status of a pop-star in his home country of Poland. A brilliant soloist or duettist, he makes equal reference to classical music and jazz, to Frédéric Chopin and the Polish jazz legend Krzysztof Komeda. Leszek Możdżer, who has also written music for theatrical, ballet and film productions, makes each of his concerts an event.