No 68 Music by waits and violinists

Thu 18th June 2015 22:30 pm
Altes Rathaus
Sonatas, intradas, canzonas and further works by J. C. Pezel, J. H. Schein, S. Scheidt, J. Rosenmüller, G. Reiche, J. C. Horn and J. S. Bach

Musica Fiata, direction: Roland Wilson (cornett)

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After the end of the Thirty Years War, the city of Leipzig enjoyed steady growth as a civic merchant and trade fair metropolis. One expression of this was the performance of music for official civic occasions, for which highly qualified musicians would be engaged, among them the outstanding J. C. Pezel und G. Reiche. In the 17th and early 18th centuries, the city employed waits and violinists, each of whom played six to eight instruments. Together with a large number of apprentices, they formed a splendid-sounding »Stadtkapelle« or town band. Their tasks consisted of playing at certain times of the day from the town hall tower and providing the music for all kinds of municipal or academic occasions. The cantors of St. Thomas’s Church also relied on the participation of the waits for their cantata performances.