No 55 Of beggars and princes

Thu 19th June 2014 7:00 am
Bach-Museum, Sommersaal
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Works by G. P. Telemann, J. S. Bach, M. Marais a. o.

Ensemble Noema: Joachim Holzhey (baritone, narrator), Antonie Schlegel (recorder, dulcian), Katharina Schlegel (viola da gamba), Zita Mikijanska (harpsichord)

A Leipziger Schulkonzerte event

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Ticket price: € 3,00 (no advance sale, tickets at the box office)

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With our imaginatons fired by wonderful music we travel about 300 years back to the time of the High Baroque: a time when travels were undertaken in horse-drawn coaches, people wore strange clothes, robbers still abounded and the action of a fun air causes quite a lot of surprises. For 3rd and 4th grade pupils and visitors to the Bachfest (in German language)