No 49 »nothing more perfect«

Tue 14th June 2016 21:00 pm

– J. S. Bach: Sonate g-Moll, BWV 1001 – J. S. Bach: Partita h-Moll, BWV 1002 – J. S. Bach: Sonate a-Moll, BWV 1003

Christian Tetzlaff (violin)

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Ticket price: € 37,00 | reduced: € 32,00 | combination ticket with No 50: see No 113

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In 1720 when he was kapellmeister at the court of Köthen, Bach composed a six-part cycle of works for solo violin consisting of three sonatas built on the model of the Italian church sonata, and three suites, which in his original manuscript he describes as »Partia«. In composing this collection for unaccompanied violin, Bach was following a tradition of virtuoso compositions established by a number of Italian and German violinists since the late seventeenth century. Running through these six exceptional works is the ambitious objective of demonstrating on a melody instrument with limited possibilities for chordal playing the customary harmonic and contrapuntal richness of his musical language. To achieve this goal, Bach pushed the technical and virtuosic possibilities of violin playing to the limits, treating the instrument to a certain extent as one capable of playing several parts. One particular climax of these »solissimo« works is, without a doubt, the prodigious Ciaccona from the Partita in D minor.