No 43 Julius, the flute player

Tue 16th June 2015 8:30 am
Krystallpalast Varieté
b@ch for us
Works by J. S. Bach, R. Hirose, H. Isaac, A. de Cabezón a. o.

Flautando Köln: Katharina Hess (recorder), Susanne Hochscheid (recorder), Ursula Thelen (recorder), Kerstin de Witt (recorder)

A Leipziger Schulkonzerte event

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Ticket price: € 11,00 | children up to 12 years old: € 4,50

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A journey through the centuries-old world of music: together with Julius, the children meet medieval minstrels, Johann Sebastian Bach, a Japanese monk and an expert on birdsong, and get to know over 30 recorders of all shapes and sizes. For 1st and 2nd-year school pupils and visitors to the Bach festival (in German)