No 38 Zimmermann’s coffee house

Mon 15th June 2015 20:00 pm
Altes Rathaus

– J. S. Bach: Sinfonia D-Dur, BWV 1045 – C. P. E. Bach: Konzert Es-Dur, Wq 2 – J. B. Bach: Ouvertüre D-Dur – J. S. Bach: Konzert a-Moll, BWV 1044 – J. F. Fasch: Konzert D-Dur, FWV L: D3

Jean-Christophe Dijoux (harpsichord), Mathias Kiesling (transverse flute), Mechthild Winter (harpsichord), Leipziger Barockorchester, direction: Konstanze Beyer (violin)

Concert introduction: 7.00 pm, Universität Leipzig, Felix-Klein-Hörsaal, Dr. Christine Blanken (pre-concert talk in German)

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Ticket prices: € 37,00 | 29,00
reduced: € 32,00 | 23,00

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After the death of J. S. Bach, his orchestral works fell more or less into oblivion. While his keyboard and organ music survived the ages and his vocal music gained new recognition in the nineteenth century, it was not until the twentieth century that his orchestral music was even performed again. With the advent of a lighter, more sentimental style of play, the splendid, festive, French-style overtures and concertos soon sounded outmoded and just unusable. Even in their youth Bach’s sons wrote far more modern compositions, especially in the concerto genre, than their father and mentor. But the father and sons performed together in the coffee houses of Leipzig, where the sons were able to introduce themselves to the public and even get themselves considered for future engagements – their father had no objection.