No 31 Bach on Air

Sun 14th June 2015 21:00 pm

Trio Elf: Gerwin Eisenhauer (drums), Walter Lang (piano), Sven Faller (bass), Mario Sütel (sound design)

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Entrance free

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Trio Elf succeeds with fascinating ease in transforming grooves from the electronic and club music scene, drum’n’bass influences and hiphop into an acoustic jazz piano trio style. What’s more, the band’s musicians – pianist Walter Lang, bassist Sven Faller, drummer Gerwin Eisenhauer and sound engineer Mario Sütel, who plays an interactive role in performances –are also passionate lovers of classical and Baroque music, making them predestined for an appearance at the Bach Festival. A common current arises during this process of musical improvisation, infused with anthem-like melodies and shimmering rhythms.