No 29 Chattin’ with Bach

Sun 15th June 2014 20:00 pm

Jazz music in J. S. Bach’s spirit

Daniel Schmahl Sextett: Daniel Schmahl (trumpet, flugelhorn), Johannes Gebhardt (piano), Wolfram Dix (percussion), Jan Hoppenstedt (bass guitar), Matthias Zeller (e-violin), Sabine Helmbold (vocals)

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»Chattin’ With Bach« is a conversation through the ages and one which brings Johann Sebastian Bach back to life as a passionate, funloving and amazingly laid-back man of our time! Trumpeter Daniel Schmahl and organist Johannes Gebhardt have their musical roots in Leipzig, one reason alone why they feel a great affinity to the music of the great cantor of St. Thomas’. On their album »back to bach«, they explored the world of Johann Sebastian Bach from a variety of perspectives. Now, with »Chattin’ With Bach« they are harvesting the most colourful flowers and delicious fruits from this fertile ground. They are supported, stimulated and spurred on by their friends Wolfram Dix (percussion), Matthias Zeller (electric violin), Jan Hoppenstedt (bass guitar) and Sabine Helmbold (vocals).