The Ring Book

Leipziger Kantaten-Ring

Perfectly on time for the beginning of the Bach-Festival 2018, the Leipzig Ring of Cantatas Book will be released on June 8. On 352 pages, it provides every reader with great insights into the concerts of the Leipzig Ring of Cantatas and informs about this record-breaking project.

Details about the programme and the performing musicians, gospel texts and the lyrics of the cantatas as well as interesting descriptive texts about the Bach-cantatas written by Sir John Eliot Gardiner and by PD Dr. Michael Maul, artistic director of the Bach Festival, make the book an ideal companion before, during and after the concerts. Additionally this tome can be the perfect »souvenir« for every festival guest.

You can get that wonderfully designed book for just 15 € in the shop of the Bach-Museum, the Info-Tent on Petersstraße and in every concert venue where the Ring of Cantatas takes place in (as long as there are still books in stock).


The book flaps of the Ring of Cantatas Book


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