No 92 The House of Notes

Thu 14th June 2018  »  9:00 am
Evangelisch Reformierte Kirche
bach for us

A journey to the world of the organ: a story in music for primary school children by Albrecht Wagner – theatre, concert and technical tour all rolled into one – with works by J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel a. o.

For pupils from age 6 years and upwards and visitors to the Bach Festival (in German)

Maja Chrenko (story teller), Annette Herr (organ)

A Leipzig Schulkonzerte event
Ticket price: € 11,00 | children up to 12 years old: € 4,50

The organ is the queen of musical instruments and a fascinating technical marvel. Who invented it? How does it work? Why does it need wind? The children meet the famed Saxon organ-builder Gottfried Silbermann, learn about the organ’s heyday with Bach and Handel, see how the organist plays with hands and feet, and get to look inside the organ.