No 80 Ah, how sweet the coffee tastes

Wed 19th June 2019  »  11:30 am
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Join us on a journey through Leipzig during the Baroque period with its infamous coffee house culture and get to know a different side of Bach. (approx. two hours)

A Leipzig Erleben GmbH event
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When talking about Johann Sebastian Bach, people often focus on his work as a cantor and musical director in Leipzig while neglecting his personal life and the circumstances of the times in which he lived. What did Leipzig look like when he arrived in 1723? What made Bach move to this trade fair city in central Germany in the first place? What problems did Bach have with the city council, what was his audience like back then and why did people drink so much coffee? We want to show you the Baroque Leipzig from Bach’s perspective. Embark on a journey through this period with all its juicy stories, anecdotes and legends as well as its abysses, of course. It is not without good reason that Martin Luther already commented, »Leipzig is like Sodom and Gomorrah.« Was he right? Find out with us.