No 56 Clara and Bach

Mon 17th June 2019  »  2:30 pm
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»Oh, how I envy Leipzig for his music,« said the unique composer Clara Wieck-Schumann to whom this walking tour is dedicated for her 200th birthday. (approx. two hours)

Following the footsteps of two musical geniuses
A Leipzig Erleben GmbH event
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»... and gives me more pleasure with every day,« commented piano virtuoso Clara Wieck-Schumann after studying Bach’s fugues in depth. Already by the age of 11, she had access to the craft of Bach music through her lessons with St. Thomas’ cantor Weinlig. Later in her life, she continued to perform Bach’s works and was inspired to write compositions of her own. In 2019, Leipzig will celebrate the 200th birthday of this unique composer following the motto »Clara19«. We will be joining in with this walking tour and show you the many facets of the pianist, composer, performer, pedagogue, entrepreneur, wife and mother of seven in genuine locations.