No 4 Musical Offering

Fri 14th June 2019  »  8:00 pm
Bach and Berlin

– J. S. Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 – J. S. Bach: Ouvertüre h-Moll, BWV 1067

Le Concert des Nations: Marc Hantaï (transverse flute) • Manfredo Kraemer (violin), David Plantier (violin), Balázs Máté (violoncello), Xavier Puertas (violone), Pierre Hantaï (harpsichord), direction: Jordi Savall (viola da gamba)

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The May 11, 1747 was a very special day in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. The 62-year-old Thomaskantor was received at the »Stadtschloss« (City Palace) in Potsdam by one of the mightiest rulers in Europe, the King of Prussia, Frederick II. The guest from Leipzig was to perform on the harpsichord and the new-fangled fortepiano. Frederick eventually reached himself for the flute, played a theme and ordered Bach to improvise a fugue on it. To the great amazement of all those present, Bach complied with great skill and, after returning home, drew up a cycle of various solo and ensemble pieces, all based on the »royal theme«. Naming it »A Musical Offering«, he offered the edition the same year to the Prussian king.