No 157 Organ adventure

Sun 17th June 2018  »  2:00 pm
GRASSI Museum für Musikinstrumente
bach for us

Lots of wind for lots of sound: Tour and presentation of organs from six centuries

For children from age 4 and upwards and visitors to the Bach Festival (in German)

Sabine Heller (organ), Veit Heller (tour guide)

Ticket price: € 11,00 | children up to 12 years old: € 4,50

The largest and most versatile of all musical instruments – the organ – needs plenty of wind. Even at the time of J. S. Bach, fascinating mechanics and pipes of all shapes and sizes turned wind into music. A chance to look inside a »glass« organ and discover some historic organs, from the mediaeval »portative« and the organs of the Renaissance and Baroque, right through to that great storyteller, the cinema organ.