No 133 The courage of mice and the pride of peacocks

Sat 16th June 2018  »  2:30 pm
Zoo, Entdeckerhaus Arche
bach for us

A fabulous family concert for old and young aged 4 and over, with music by J. S. Bach and other composers of the Baroque period

For children from age 4 and upwards and visitors to the Bach Festival (in German)

Das musikalische Fabularium: Christiane Wiese (voice), Georg Zeike (viola da gamba)

A cooperation between Zoo Leipzig and Bachfest
Ticket price (includes admission to the Zoo): € 23,00 / children (6 to 16 years old): € 14,00 / children (0 to 5 years old): € 3,00

As sly as a fox, as scared as a rabbit, as slow as a tortoise ... Fables tell of animals who are in fact like people. You’ll hear several familiar fables by Aesop, La Fontaine and others, music by composers of the Baroque period – in free transcriptions for voice, viola da gamba and any other instrument that’s required – and there are also songs to sing along with.