No 129 The Nightingale

Sat 16th June 2018  »  11:00 am
Musikschule Leipzig »Johann Sebastian Bach«
bach for us

Fairy-tale opera in a nutshell with music by G. P. Telemann

For all aged 8 years or more

Sospiri Ardenti: Ellen Delahanty (soprano, recorder), Julie Comparini (mezzo soprano, concept), Geert Van Gele (recorder, harpsichord), Jurgen de Bruyn (Lute instruments), Gabi Bartels (director, set design, costumes)

Ticket price: € 11,00 | children up to 12 years old: € 4,50

In the garden of the imperial court in China, a nightingale sings and enchants all who hear. One day, a toy nightingale comes to the court as a gift, and the real bird is chased away. But when Death comes to fetch the empress, only the real nightingale is able to oust him.