No 116 Hunting and pastoral cantata

Fri 21st June 2019  »  7:30 pm
Bach and Weißenfels

– J. S. Bach: Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 1 F-Dur, BWV 1046 – J. S. Bach: Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd, BWV 208 – J. S. Bach: Entfliehet, verschwindet, entweichet, ihr Sorgen, BWV 249a (staged performances)

Hanna Zumsande (soprano), Dorothea Wagner (soprano), Ida Aldrian (alto), Florian Sievers (tenor), Simon Robinson (bass), Lautten Compagney Berlin, Cristina Nyffeler (set design, costumes), Clara Pons (director), direction: Wolfgang Katschner (lute)

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reduced: € 67,00 | 49,00

In February 1713, the Weimar court organist Johann Sebastian Bach was charged with the distinguished mission of travelling to nearby Weißenfels and composing a »Festkantate«, a celebratory cantata, for the 31st birthday of the duke there. Christian of Saxe-Weißenfels was a great lover of the hunt, and so with his librettist Salomon Franck Bach composed a »Jagdkantate«, or »hunting cantata«. The performance was a great success and proved to be the start of Bach’s lasting relationship with the duke of Weißenfels. After Bach had dedicated another two works to the duke – the »Schäferkantate« or pastoral cantata, in 1725 and the musical homage »O angenehme Melodei« in 1729 – he was appointed by Christian in 1729 to the post of »Non-resident Princely Kapellmeister to the Court of Weißenfels«. Both the »Jagdkantate« and the »Schäferkantate« were performed in Weißenfels as table music and this is how they will be staged at the Bach Festival.