No 113 Passion

Fri 21st June 2019  »  5:00 pm
Paulinum – Aula und Universitätskirche St. Pauli
Bach and Weimar

– J. S. Bach: Bereitet die Wege, bereitet die Bahn, BWV 132 – Keiser (Reinhard oder Gottfried): Markus-Passion, (aus der Notenbibliothek von J. S. Bach)

Hans Jörg Mammel (tenor – Evangelist), Hannah Morrison (soprano), Leandro Marziotte (contratenor), Martin Petzold (tenor), Matthias Vieweg (bass), Ricercar Consort, direction: Philippe Pierlot

Concert introduction: 4.00 pm, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, Dr. Christine Blanken · Pre-concert talk in English: Prof. Dr. Michael Marissen
Ticket prices: € 52,00 | 41,00
reduced: € 47,00 | 36,00

Is Keiser the composer of the Passion according to St Mark? Musicologists disagree about it. Johann Sebastian Bach, who led performances of the Passion 1713 in Weimar and probably twice in Leipzig, thought – wrongly or not – Reinhold Keiser the composer. Bach had possibly brought the passion with him from a visit to Hamburg, where both Keisers worked. For the performances in Weimar and Leipzig, Bach adapted it to suit the needs and circumstances of the respective places, as was usual at that time.