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Fri 21st June 2019  »  11:30 am
Kongresshalle, Bachsaal

– J. S. Bach: Konzert d-Moll – J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus 4 – C. P. E. Bach: Konzert B-Dur, Wq 164 – J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus 2 – A. Marcello: Konzert d-Moll – J. S. Bach: Alio modo Fuga (inversa) a 2 Clav. – J. S. Bach: Konzert F-Dur

Juliana Koch (oboe − 2nd Prize at the ARD International Music Competition 2017), Musica Eklectica

Ticket price: € 25,00
reduced: € 19,00

Not only oboists regret that no original concerto for oboe and orchestra by Johann Sebastian Bach has come down to us. But it is perfectly possible that Bach’s lost instrumental works from Weimar and Köthen also included oboe concertos, which he subsequently used in Leipzig as the basis for cantata movements and harpsichord concertos. Laborious reconstruction has proved worthwhile: Juliana Koch will present two such, grandiose, oboe concertos by Bach.