Booking online / Credit card problems

Booking online

You can book your tickets directly from the list of the complete programme of the Bachfest Leipzig. Please note the following information for ordering tickets online:
After clicking on the »Order now« button in the programme a new window will open. Please choose the number of tickets and put them into your shopping cart by clicking on »bestellen« (order).
You can choose your seats directly when there is more than one category: click on the button »Saalplanbuchung« (booking by seating plan). The available seats are shown in different colours – you can book tickets by clicking on the seats you want and proceed with clicking the button »Bestellen«.
To order further tickets for other concerts please return to our programme, choose the concert, click »bestellen« and go back to the already opened reservation window. Your reservations will be kept in your shopping cart for 60 minutes.

Credit card problems

If the message »Credit card error« is displayed when you try to book, this may be due to one of the following reasons.

1. Debit card
Your card is a debit card. Although it is issued by a known credit card company (VISA, MasterCard), it acts like an ordinary debit card. These cards may only be used for payment in the cardholder’s country of residence (usually the USA). In that case, our ticket agency (eventim) is unable to complete the booking unless you have another, regular payment card.

2. Credit card
a) You may have a transaction limit on your credit card. That means, for example, that you can only use your credit card once to three times a day. You will have to make your next booking on the following day.

b) Technical problems (such as an error during transmission to the payment provider) may have caused immediate cancellation. In most cases you can simply start the booking process again, since no booking was made.

c) Foreign credit cards cannot be used because they figure on a payment provider blacklist. In that case, our ticket agency will take your data and those of your credit card and approve them, after which the agency can make the booking, or you can book yourself.

For all these cases, please fill in this form which will be sent directly to our ticket agency.


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